Antidote to bigness

Wherever something is wrong, something is too big.

Paul Kingsnorth in his article in the Guardian ‘The Crisis of Bigness’ tells how old school theorist, lLeopold Kohr, predicted the recent economic collapse and how things would get better A time of crisis is also a time of opening-up, when thinking that was consigned to the fringes moves to centre stage. When things fall apart,…

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Kelvin describes the Massive Small Compendium

Kelvin recently delivered a talk at Alan Baxter Associates, describing the Massive Small Compendium. To find out more please visit the Massive Small site here:

Invitation to Smart Urbanism 20 January 2015 E-Invite

Massive Small: Smart Urbanism in an Upside Down World

Come along and Join me for an update on the work I am doing on Smart Urbanism. Good time to get feedback! Remember to RSVP to

MASSIVE SMALL: Introducing the Concept

Kelvin Campbell at the Urban Design Group annual conference 2012, why urban design has to change in our upside-down world.

CASA creates the first ‘Smart Cities’ masters

The Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London, host of the Smart Urbanism ‘Massive Small’ research project, have launched an exciting new course  under the leadership of Dr Andrew Hudson Smith and chairmanship of Professor Mike Batty. It takes two forms: An MSc (Master of Science) and  MRes (Master of Research) degrees which…

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Urban pioneers

Middlehaven Urban Pioneers Project Launched

The Homes and Communities Agency and Middlesborough Council have formally launched the Urban Pioneers Project in Middlehaven. The area masterplanned by Urban Initiatives Studio has been recently shortlisted for the Urban Design Group masterplanning award and has become a testbed for trialing new approaches to planning, land release and delivery of self-build activity as a…

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Royal Commission funds ‘Massive Small’ Project

A research and development project has been funded by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 as part of a two-year Fellowship in the Built Environment. It looks to evolve the simple rules, conditions and leadership necessary to deliver a viable human habitat within the context of an evolved planning system. Its prime purpose…

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Smart Urbanism at Oxford University

A lecture programme in Smart Urbanism was successfully launched as part of the Masters in Sustainable Urban Development course at Oxford University’s School of Continuing Education. The course, under the leadership of Dr David Howard was developed by the Prince’s Foundation and largely caters to international students who have experience in urban development. As a…

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SU Reading List Image

Smart Urbanism Reading List

I have taken the liberty of creating a full reading list of books recommended by a whole range of people through the course of this valuable discussion. Names of those who have contributed are included at the end and their initials included in square brackets on every book where relevant. A number of new recommendations are also added.


Why Big Plans Fail

Many big plans don’t just stir the blood, they clog the arteries. They just never get realised – unless they are for a three week event that is held in different parts of the world every four years and costs £10bn. But this is not what we mean when we talk of sustainable urbanism…

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