Urban Exchange is the publishing arm of Smart Urbanism. Its aim is to disseminate new knowledge on urban complexity and the role that bottom up systems play in urban growth and change. It began as a collaboration between Kelvin Campbell and Rob Cowan in 1997 and since then has published a number of groundbreaking books, think pieces and critiques. Some of these are listed below.

Upcoming Publication:

The Massive Small Compendium is an evolving sourcebook of ideas, tools and tactics for citizen groups, civic leaders and urban professionals. It will show how to plan, design and deliver viable urban neighbourhoods, quarters and centres in our increasingly complex world.




The Cities Design Forgot (1995) by Rob Cowan and sponsored by Chesterton, English Partnerships, Inner City Enterprises, and Richard and Ruth Rogers, now out in print. This book called for the collaboration between all the urban actors in the processes of urban design and regeneration.

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The Connected City (1997) by Rob Cowan, sponsored by Coin Street Community Builders and The Space Organisation. It focused on ways of connecting both the city’s fabric and the people who shape it. The method it proposed for neighborhood action plans became the basis for the Placecheck method.

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Re:urbanism – A Challenge to the Urban Summit (2002) by Kelvin Campbell and Rob Cowan, sponsored by Yorkshire Forward, provided an agenda for urban renaissance. The publication received the American Institute of Management Award for organisational theory and communication.

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Massive Small (2011) by Kelvin Campbell shows how we can learn from self-organising systems found in traditional cities, nature and in the web, to develop a new and evolving paradigm. It explores how our behaviours in planning, design and delivery will need to change to meet our new challenges.

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Publishing under our Banner:

We invite others who wish to self-publish their work under the banner of Urban Exchange to contact us. We will only promote work that we feel benefits from and reinforces:

• the association with our other publications
• the broader message of Smart Urbanism
• an open collaborative approach, and
• the potential to make a real and lasting positive impact on urban communities.

Why would I publish with Urban Exchange?

As a highly respected voice in the field of urban change, with links to Universities such as University College London, Oxford,and Cambridge, and to our SMART URBANISM LinkedIn group of some 10,000 members, publishing under our banner provides:

• credibility and accreditation to works we feel are rigorous and challenging.
• access to a wider market by promotion through the website
• a great way to test your new ideas and get feedback effectively, and:
• networking and collaborating with our the Smart Urbanism community

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